‘Musical chairs’ continue as operations of Parham Police Station are moved to Carlisle

The Parham Police Station has been temporarily relocated for a second time.  The latest move comes even as Commissioner Atlee Rodney is promising new homes for a number of other stations that have been displaced.

The Parham station was demolished and its operations were moved to the compound of the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds after ongoing complaints about its deplorable physical condition.

Now, the Police administration has notified the public that operations at the Stadium location have been temporarily relocated alongside the Coolidge Police Station in Carlisle. 

Reportedly, the move is to facilitate hosting of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

According to the Police, “Residents within the area can look forward to seeing the resumption of operations at the original location in Parham before the end of this week.”

However, St. Peter residents tell REAL News they have no idea what that means, since no construction has taken place in Parham since the station was demolished.

“We are on our own,” a Gunthorpes woman tells REAL News.  “It’s like the Police are playing musical chairs with us.  Now they gone so far; and when you call, they going to tell you they don’t have any transportation,” she says.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Atlee Rodney says that new temporary premises have been identified to house the Barbuda Police Station.

Since Hurricane Irma destroyed the original station in 2017, that outpost has been operating from temporary quarters.

But while a new site has been identified, Rodney admits that he does not have a time frame by which the officers will be relocated.

Several other stations have been moved because of the poor conditions under which officers were forced to work.

For more than five years now, the Willikies Police Station has been operating in Glanvilles, while the officers from Bolans have been transferred to Johnsons Point, and the All Saints Station is now outside Seaview Farm.  The Coolidge Station, meanwhile, appears to have been moved permanently to Carlisle.