MP Pringle reports that construction on Morris Bay bathroom project is nearing its final stages

Jamale Pringle, MP for All Saints East and St. Luke, says that construction on the bathroom facility at Morris Bay is nearing completion.

Pringle commenced the work during the summer months, and reports that the project is near the stage where fixtures will be installed.

For over a year, the Development Control Authority (DCA) had refused to give permission for Pringle to undertake the project.

Reportedly, the reason for the delay was that the project was in his name and not that of the community, and so Pringle agreed that it would be handed over to the Old Road community for management, once completed. 

Funding was provided mainly by Pringle with some assistance from persons and businesses on island and in the Diaspora.  While the MP sourced the materials, the constituents are engaged in the actual construction.

The facility will comprise five bathroom stalls – three for females, including one for the disabled – and, for men, two stalls which will be outfitted with urinals and sinks.