The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is condemning the removal of electrical material from its poles – reportedly by minors – and appealing to parents to address the problem. 

In a press release, the Authority says this is a serious matter, since removing material from live power lines can result in life-threatening consequences.

“There has been a sighting of removed cross arm braces from poles that suspend live power lines,” the APUA says.  It notes that “these poles [transmit] 11,000 volts of electricity in the St. Phillips and New Field areas.”

A technician visiting these areas made the discovery. He reportedly observed that planks of wood had been mounted against the poles and the electrical materials were missing. APUA speculates that the wood was used to climb the poles and remove the apparatus. 

It is alleged that the metal devices are being used to extend and alter the design of bikes – hence, the  belief that minors are responsible for the act. 

“The Authority would like to appeal to parents, guardians or any other members of the public to dissuade minors, or any other unauthorized person, from interfering with the infrastructure of the Authority, as these activities can result in major injury or possibly electrocution,” the release cautions.

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