The Office of National Drug Control and Money Laundering Policy (ONDCP) has made moves to ensure that its employees are working in a safe environment.

Staff at the ONDCP took protest action yesterday, March 15.  They were concerned that they were not properly notified of COVID-19 exposure at the agency.

The Director, Colonel Edward Croft, moved quicklyto quiet the situation by issuing the press release, in which he seeks to allay the employees’ concerns.

But while the release assures staff that several measures are being employed to remedy the situation, these remedies are not outlined in the communication.

“The organization, through its Employee Relations Committee, has held a number of meetings with staff representatives and continues to work assiduously to ensure that their concerns are adequately addressed,” the release says.

In order to eliminate any contamination in the office, the ONDCP also says it has employed a reputable cleaning company to properly sterilize the work area.

The agency says it has maintained close communication with the Ministry of Health, which has “provided guidance in relation to several issues, including COVID-19 risk exposure, cleaning and disinfection.”

Over the coming weeks, it will continue to ensure the safest possible environment for its employees, the ONDCP promises.

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