State of Culture’s pan lab proves Browne Administration has no love for culture, says Wehner

Members of the public are siding with United Progressive Party
Mobilization Officer George Wehner and condemning the Browne
Administration for the state in which the Cultural Development’s
Division Pan Lab is being kept.
The Pan Lab, located in Belmont, is where steel pans are made, but
the workers have had to endure some deplorable conditions in the
decrepit building.

Parts of the building are rotted, the paint has faded and is chipping,
doors are rotted, and louvre panes are missing from several
windows — some of which are also covered with rotted pieces of

The condition of the yard is not much better, as bushes and
shrubbery are as tall as six feet around the building.
There are also sections of the building from which pieces of plywood
are visibly missing, as work was taking place with renowned pan
builder and tuner Veron Henry.

It is clear that the building can not be properly secured.
Wehner says the minister responsible for culture, Daryll Matthew,
should be ashamed of himself for the manner in which the Pan Lab
has been allowed to deteriorate.  
He says the way in which the Lab is being kept is a clear
demonstration that the Gaston Browne Administration does not love
According to Wehner, the minister needs to do much better to
improve the working conditions at the Lab so the workers can
operate from a comfortable and safer environment.
He notes that the Government is spending taxpayers’ money
frivolously, travelling all over the place, while the Pan Lab, one of the
best in the region, is left in ruin.
Wehner says the development of the Nation and of the youth
(including young musicians) seems to be of no consequence to this