Budget 2023 is deceptive, at best, says MP Walker, who asks who is saving and where $1 billion in revenue has been spent

Trevor Walker, the Member of Parliament for Barbuda, has condemned the 2023 Budget – now being debated in the Lower House, as being deceptive at best.

During his presentation, on Monday afternoon, March 13, Walker specifically addressed statements made by Finance Minister Gaston Browne that, in 2022, more than 900 unemployed persons were added to the Social Security Scheme and an additional $145 million was added to savings accounts.

Walker posits that it is not the average person or even the middle class who is saving.  He also notes data from the Social Security Scheme’s Statistical Department that point to the great disparity in wealth distribution across this country.

Meanwhile, in examining the revenue-collection figures quoted by Browne, Walker is asking the Administration where nearly one billion dollars in revenues have gone, since the money is not being reflected in developments on the ground.  

Further, with all the Administration’s claims of economic growth, the Barbuda MP is asking the general public to reflect on whether their financial situation has improved.