No official word on reported oil spill near Crabbs RO plant, while area residents worry about effects on fishing and mangroves

Employees have claimed there was an oil spill near the Crabbs Reverse Osmosis Station, resulting in the shutdown of operations there on August 15; but, to date, no official word on the situation has been given.

They did not disclose what measures would be taken to contain or clean up the spill, nor for how long the plant would be offline.

However, on Monday, Chairman of the United Progressive Party D.Gisele Isaac said that if it is down for any significant period, the distribution of pipe-borne water to many communities would be affected.

Isaac says the current hot and humid weather conditions will prove to be very uncomfortable for residents without water, and notes it is already a challenge to have a daily shower when the schedule is not disrupted.

Meanwhile, area residents tell REAL News they are waiting for official word on the reported leak – alleged to have emanated from a power-generating operation.

They note that an uncontained spill could have a negative impact on the fishing grounds off Parham and the waterfront and mangroves in Fitches Creek.

Accordingly, they say they are waiting to hear from the Department of the Environment, as well as the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), on this matter.