Lovell congratulates NDC on winning Grenada elections, while Tabor traces similarities to UPP’s current campaign

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is inspired by the win of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Thursday night, June 23, following general elections in Grenada.

After failing to win a single seat in the 2018 polls, the NDC, headed by attorney-at-law Dickon Mitchell, 44, will form the new government, having won nine of 15 seats.

UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell took the opportunity, during this week’s Captain’s Corner, to congratulate Mitchell for his party’s success.

Meanwhile, UPP Senator Damani Tabor is also sending congratulations to the NDC and to Mitchell on his victory.

In many ways, Tabor says, the NDC ran a campaign that is similar to the one the UPP is now running ahead of the upcoming elections. He also notes the NDC used a tagline – “transformative leadership” – that the UPP has used in the past.

Tabor says his Party is also leveraging technology to get its messages out via social-media platforms, and this was a key factor in the NDC’s victory.

The main campaign issues in Grenada are similar to those of Antigua and Barbuda at this time, Tabor says. These include unemployment and the need to accelerate the COVID-19 recovery in ways that bring relief to struggling residents and by providing businesses with a stimulus.

Here at home, Tabor says, the people are fed up with the Gaston Browne Administration and it is time for a reset with a new government.

Meanwhile, in Grenada, the New National Party (NNP) won six seats, including that of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, who had indicated this was his last election.

Several government ministers, including Finance Minister Gregory Bowen and Legal Affairs Minister Kindra Mathurin-Stewart, lost their seats, according to media reports.

Dickon Mitchell – who took over the opposition NDC only in October last year – defeated Foreign Affairs Minister Oliver Joseph, 4,414 to 2,742 votes, in the St. David constituency.