Violence and drug use demand changes in school security, while Education Director calls for collaborative response

There will be a drastic change in how school security and checks are administered, given the recent surge in violence in schools.

Earlier this week, Education Director Clare Browne had indicated that the Ministry of Education will be working with other stakeholders to alleviate the problem.

However, Inspector Frankie Thomas, Head of the Police Communications arm STRATCOM, says officials recognize that a more drastic approach is required to address this issue.

Thomas is placing parents and guardians on notice that they should ensure their children do not leave home with items that should not be on the school plant.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and Sports is making a clarion call for collaboration to alleviate the troubling trend of violence in schools.

In particular, Browne is appealing to students to focus on their education and on activities that positively develop their minds and bodies. 

Additionally, Browne is calling on “all parents of school-aged children to become more vigilant in the affairs of your children.” 

Church leaders and those who head the various sports clubs are also entreated to join the campaign to prevent or reduce student violence and drug use. 

Browne says that communities should be positive role models and guardians for the children, since it does take a village to raise a child. 

While calling on everyone to work together, Browne admits there are no quick fixes, or one-size-fit-all approaches, to prevent or reduce deviant behaviours and the situations that contribute to them. 

However, he says educators are committed to providing students with the socialization tools and skills they will need to navigate the world, so they may become citizens and leaders of whom the country is proud today and in the future.