Non-payment has led two gas stations to refuse fuel-subsidy vouchers presented by taxi and bus operators, sources claim

Public-transportation operators are reportedly having difficulty in accessing fuel through the Government’s subsidy programme. 

A source has confirmed that at least two of the approved service stations have been refusing to take the vouchers. 

It is alleged that the Government has not been living up to its financial commitment to the stations and, therefore, the vouchers are not being honoured.

The subsidy initiative, being administered by the Transport Board, was intended to prevent an increase in fares – in line with the hike in fuel prices resulting from the war in Ukraine.

Fishermen were also included in the voucher system to prevent the price of seafood from increasing.

The Transport Board is administering the fuel-subsidy vouchers, with a weekly allocation of 40 gallons for taxis and 50 gallons for buses.  With the Ministry for Fisheries, the Transport Board was also responsible for developing a system for fisherfolk.

Under this arrangement, operators in the two sectors are supposed to receive a 25% reduction in the cost of fuel, which remains at over $15 a gallon.