Picketing father calls on Education Ministry to change ‘hair-length policy’ after Glanvilles Secondary puts his son out of class

Students being denied access to school for various reasons – including the absence of PE uniforms – continues, now forcing one father to stand up, yet again, for his child.

Sports commentator Mandy Weatherhead has taken to the picket line, protesting that his son was ejected from the Glanvilles Secondary School over the length of his hair.

Weatherhead explains that a medical condition prevents his son from having his hair cut too low.

He says the school and the Ministry of Education are aware of this condition, and that permission was sought for the boy’s hair to remain a bit longer than would normally obtain.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner spoke to Weatherhead this morning, April 22, as he staged his one-man picket.

This is the 21st century, Weatherhead says, and it boggles the mind that persons are still so shallow-minded that the length of a student’s hair is an issue.

The frustrated father points out that learning is not dependent on the length of a person’s hair.  He notes, too, that other education institutions permit long hairstyles on boys, once the hair is well groomed.

Accordingly, Weatherhead is calling on Education officials to revisit this policy, particularly at the Glanvilles Secondary School.

Meanwhile, Weatherhead’s placards captures his feeling.  “Stop robbing the children, they have the right to an education” and “Stop the discrimination…” they read.

It was only on Thursday, April 21, that the Clare Hall Secondary School sparked outrage among the public after students were put out for not wearing their PE shirts.