Installation of traffic cameras welcomed by ASP Ellis, along with other measures to curb speeding and reduce accidents

The Police are welcoming the Cabinet decision to install traffic cameras across the island in an effort to identify speeding motorists and detect other offences committed in the public space.

Reportedly, the decision is in response to the number of accidents taking place on recently resurfaced roads, particularly the Friars Hill Road and the Sir George Walter Highway.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodney Ellis, who heads the Traffic Department, says these cameras would be of great assistance to law enforcers, but especially to his department.

Referring to the cameras that were put in place by the United Progressive Party Administration, Ellis explains that they are not traffic cameras and cannot do the job that is required.

Meanwhile, motorists are encouraged to adhere to the traffic rules and regulations and to exercise due care and attention on the roadways.

Meanwhile, there will be increased police patrols, and speed guns have already been deployed at strategic points throughout the island.   These are meant to bring to justice those drivers who are intent on causing mayhem on the roadways, officials say.

The Ministry of Transport and the Police are collaborating to ensure the success of this strategy.