Josiah says he is dedicated to the cause of ridding Antigua and Barbuda of the victimizing ALP Government

Harry Josiah, the former general manager of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board, is committed to ensuring that the Gaston Browne Administration does not serve another term in office. 

Speaking at the United Progressive Party’s rally last Thursday night, Josiah said he was victimized by the Administration in 2015 and spent seven years signing in at a police station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

However, On March 4, a High Court judge accepted a no-case submission made by Dane Hamilton, Q.C., dismissing all 12 charges laid against Josiah.

Instead of being retaliatory, he says, he has focused his anger on ensuring the country sees the back of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP), the government of the day. 

After hearing the lies of this Government, Josiah says, the public should be motivated enough to get registered to vote and to encourage others to do the same.

He reminds residents that, unless their names appear on the Voters List, meaningful change cannot be effected.

Josiah says he has remained silent for seven years and the time has now come to use all his efforts, ability, charisma and charm; and all that is within him will be dedicated to one thing only: seeing the back of the current administration.

He notes that the Browne Administration has consistently used taxpayers’ money to prosecute its opponents, and public resources and the courts to pauperize citizens.

Accordingly, Josiah declares that the time has come for a change in administration and the restoration of this country with the United Progressive Party candidates.

Residents should make a commitment to removing the ALP from office in order to make Antigua and Barbuda a better place, he concludes.