APUA advises delinquent consumers to settle utility bills since disconnections will begin next Monday

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) will be conducting disconnections on commercial and residential properties next week.

In a public notice, the APUA is reminding home and business owners to stay connected by paying their utilities on time.

APUA says that electricity and water accounts which are overdue by 30 days, or are in arrears, should be settled now, since disconnections will be carried out between March 21 and 31.

Consumers are being reminded that reconnections are carried out within one to two business days after payment is received.

Residents are complaining that disconnections at this time – when the cost of food has skyrocketed and fuel prices are set to go up – would be a “heartless move” by the Authority.  Further, they say that unusually high water bills, when there is such little of the commodity available to residents, need to be checked.  “They’re billing us for air,” a pensioner tells REAL News.  “APUA don’t have no conscience!” he declares.