Solar energy, which is cheaper to generate and saves consumers money, is the way to go, Senator Tabor advises Gov’t

United Progressive Party (UPP) Senator Damani Tabor says solar power is the direction in which the Government should go in order to supply residents with a cheaper form of electricity.

However, in spite of two solar-panel farms already being in place on the island, the Gaston Browne Administration has said it plans to embark on yet another non-renewable source of energy-generation.

Tabor says the UPP does not support investing in 40 megawatts of non-renewable energy at a proposed LNG Plant.  Instead, he says, any investment should focus on solar energy, which is more cost effective.

The start-up cost for implementing this system might be high, he acknowledges; but money will be saved in the long run since there will be no need to purchase fuel, he says.  

Tabor recalls the failed solar-panel project undertaken by the Browne Administration, which failed to order the storage batteries.  He notes that there is a low operation cost attached to running a solar-panel plant in comparison to non-renewable energy.

Tabor says that lower electricity bills are also an advantage for the people.

Having already invested so much money in erecting solar panels and with promises of reducing the country’s carbon footprint, the Senator asks why the Administration is now going contrary to those expectations.