Fire Chief says All Saints Station can fill the gap created at St. John’s while fire truck is out of commission

The fire that resulted from a car accident on Newgate Street on Sunday morning was put out by the All Saints Fire Station, reports say, because the single truck attached to the St. John’s Station is down.

The St. John’s tender had been down for two days last week before work commenced on it.  But late last week Fire Chief Elvis Weaver assured the public that everything was being done to ensure it was back up and fully functional.

He admitted, then, that the situation posed somewhat of an inconvenience, but says the fire truck at All Saints was assisting in meeting the short comings.

He explains that the tender at St. John’s had some minor issues which were being given attention.

If a major fire had broken out in the meantime, residents said they wondered how the Fire Department would have responded. 

Over the past two years, at least, numerous promises to secure additional fire tenders were made by the Browne Administration.   However, the tenders delivered have been referred to as “toy trucks” by members of the public, because of their size and their limited water capacity.  

In fact, a privately owned water truck has had to accompany the Department on calls to tackle large blazes.

Still, Weaver says he remains hopeful that adequate equipment will be supplied in the shortest possible time.