Repairs to infrastructure in All Saints East and St. Luke will continue with the support of patriots, Pringle assures

Jamale Pringle, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints East and St. Luke, is expecting to recommence repair work on infrastructure in his constituency that has been neglected by the Government.

Pringle says the need is ongoing and the work will be accomplished with the assistance of residents and other financial donors.

While he has already undertaken work in certain parts of the constituency, this time around, Pringle says, attention will be paid to Follies, where the roads are in a deplorable condition.

Pringle says he is able to assist in areas where the Government neglects the people through donations here, at home, and from the Diaspora.

While the Minister of Works, Lennox Weston, is belittling his efforts to uplift the constituency – by making comments about the MP “selling fungie and fish in New York” – the work is still being done, Pringle says.  

Accordingly, the All Saints East & St. Luke representative thanks the nationals abroad, especially, for their continued love and contributions to their homeland.