Beaches will be open over the holiday weekend, but gathering restrictions will still apply, Nicholas warns locals

A decision has been taken to allow the beaches to remain open through the upcoming holiday weekend and on Independence Day.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas says this policy is likely to last into the Christmas season. However, if the situation changes – in terms of another spike in COVID-19 cases – then further decisions will have to be made, he says.

During the post-Cabinet press briefing that took place on Thursday, October 28,  Nicholas warned that there should be no picnics, food, music, or other large gatherings on the beaches, which will be open from 5 a.m. daily and should close at 7 p.m.

Many people have welcomed the news, since many residents use the beaches as a means of therapy.  But other persons are expressing the opinion that this decision was taken only to facilitate the number of tourists who are now on island.

Meanwhile, Nicholas says that tours for the fully vaccinated are permitted on the Independence holiday and over the weekend, as is the norm on any other day.

“Again, it’s all about pleasing the bottom line; those who are spending their money,” a man says.

However, a local woman says she is confident that this decision was taken with the nationals in mind, since she went to the shore on Wednesday, October 27, and the beach was packed with tourists enjoying themselves.

She notes that some visitors were riding horses on the beach and none of them was wearing a mask; nor was their tour guide.