Police charge convicted burglar, already serving time, for breaking into and stealing from Happy Kids store

A man suspected of being responsible for the break-ins at Happy Kids is expected to answer to the offences.

The Police have arrested and charged Ryan “Puppet” Caddette, of no fixed place of abode, for breaking into the store in St. John’s. 

The lawmen allege that, sometime between September 11 and 12, Caddette entered the business place and stole several items of clothing; school-uniform vouchers; an electrical transformer; and other school items valued at more than $30,000.

The store was broken into on two separate occasions; but it is not clear whether there is evidence linking the suspect to the other incident, since no charges have been proffered against him.

He is expected to appear before the court shortly to answer to this matter.  However, Caddette is now serving time for breaking into a High Street store on May 23 with intent to commit a felony.

The convict appeared before the court on Thursday, October 7, and pleaded guilty to that particular offence, which was picked up on surveillance cameras.  He was sentenced to six months at Her Majesty’s Prison.